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Expert Carpet Cleaning Services in Ealing

domestic cleaning servicesYou simply cannot get rid of all the dirt patches and stains on your carpet? We’ve got a solution for your troubles. Harvey’s Cleaning Company is offering your professional carpet cleaning services at cost-effective price rates. Our cleaners will no just do the job. You will get the complete cleaning package. Pretreatment, advice and impeccable expert delivery. Our company is providing both home and office cleaning so that we can cover all your demands and needs. Below, you can notice some of the perks that you are going to attain immediately.

  • Up-to-date cleaning solutions, Prochem certified and licensed
  • Eco-friendly policy, green solutions and techniques
  • Carpet Cleaning maintenance tips and suggestions
  • Constant online support, including service reschedule

Get your free quote right now! Just call us on 020 3404 5609! Our customer agents will assist you through the booking process so that you can receive the perfect carpet cleaning solution! We cannot wait!

Harvey’s Cleaning Company Additional Services

We know that one simple task could be a great burden to you. The carpet cleaning process itself is a tricky one. That is why a professional cleaning company would definitely ease your responsibilities. Your new house does need more than that. It is a simple rule. You cannot just focus on one thing. Our company is offering you a short list of additional cleaning services to help you turn your beautiful residence into a tidy and cleaned place. Harvey’s Cleaning Company presents you.

  • Hard Floor Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Curtain Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

The Carpet Cleaning Process in Ealing

domestic carpet cleaning servicesWe are going to aid you through our sophisticated carpet cleaning process. Showing you what we do is important for us. Guiding you through the various steps and methods might be useful for you. The cleaners use two main solutions accordingly.

Dry Cleaning – the process itself is simple enough and does not rely on steam technology or extraction capabilities. A dry absorbing powder is carefully distributed over the surface of the carpet. Then, the cleaning agent uses a machine to scrub the substance on the surface. The same process is done by hand if needed, depends on the type and material of your carpet or rug.

Steam Carpet Cleaning – this method of carpet cleaning is proffered in most of the cases. It is faster than the dry cleaning process. Basically, it contains hot or cold water, turned into a high pressure steam. A pretreatment of all stains, spills and patches can be used to achieve better results. Especially when the cleaners are working on a high traffic area.

Order Top Carpet Cleaning Right Away

By booking our carpet cleaning service in Ealing you will certainly get a worthy experience. There is only one thing left to do. Contact us on 020 3404 5609! Please note that there are no additional charges for booking an extra service. It Is the opposite. Combine the domestic carpet cleaning with something on our list and enjoy the exclusive discount. It will be applied immediately! Choose Harvey’s Cleaning Company and enjoy the final outcomes in no time!