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About Harvey’s Cleaning Company

Harvey’s Cleaning Company is providing professional carpet cleaning services for more than 11 years already. Our company has developed as a major factor in the local market, something we are truly proud of. The hard work and impeccable attitude have proven that a quality service could be turned into a successful business opportunity. Both our short and long term objectives are simple enough. We aim to remain a significant cleaning provider in the local area and show that to even more customers. Harvey’s Cleaning Company professional teams’ goal is to be at the top. The experience is on our side. The future is in yours. We are waiting for you!

Our Cleaning Inventory

In order to offer one of the best cleaning services around, we have to be fully prepared for every single case. That is why our company is using the most recent cleaning solutions. The products of ‘Prochem’ are certified licensed and proven by a great number of cleaning providers around Europe. We acknowledge that providing quality is not fully possible without constant preparation and innovative materials.

Creating a strong base of tested cleaning methods require time and effort. True the years of various treatment cases we have used two main cleaning solutions.

Steam Cleaning: a high-pressure water is pouring your furniture. The effect is fabulous. Fully compatible with traffic areas, dirt patches and dreadful spills.
Dry Cleaning: the usage of powder and spray products. Perfect for delicate materials and fibres. It is a preferred procedure suitable for refreshment.

Harvey’s Cleaning Company’s Advantages

We as a strong and vital cleaning company in the area of Ealing are really focusing on self-improvement. The employees that Harvey’s Cleaning Company is hiring are vetted and police checked. That is not all. All of them are considered to be real masters at their area of expertise. Constant training and educational materials are only a few of the perks that we offer. Our cleaning staff achievements are a true factor within the cleaning departments all around the country. The cleaning conventions and gatherings are a real privilege for us.