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Drop us a line now, if you're looking for an affordable deal on rug cleaning in Ealing W5. Ours is a team of fully qualified and experienced operatives on hand, ready to come to your rescue… and not only will we be able to tackle a wide array of stains and blemishes, but our people can also aid you with protective formulas such as our Scotchgard carpet coatings!

When it comes to rugs, the main danger is undetected dirt. Many homeowners choose them as rugs are fantastic decorations for any room, adding a layer of design. However, they often forget about hygiene and safety issues. Rugs have thick pile that can harbour lots of unsightly dirt, grime and blemishes in-between.

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Every time we take over a job, our rug technicians in Ealing W5 perform the same nine-step procedure to ensure total success:

  • We arrive at your house, with our range of advanced formulas and cleaning methods.
  • We make sure a thorough clean is at place by removing all fittings and furniture from the room before we begin.
  • Any prominent stains and blemishes are targeted with a strong stain removing agent.
  • We use a mild shampoo next, which is followed by vacuum cleaning.
  • We now clean the carpet by injecting shampoo into the weave.
  • Now you can discuss with us our Scotchgard carpet treatments and how they will protect your valuable oriental rug!
  • We now rake through your rug, in order to separate individual fibres and speed up drying process.
  • Right before we leave, furniture is returned to its previous positions – with foil layers on contact points, to avoid staining.
  • Last of all, we will give you a pair of protective overshoes – these will help you keep the rug clean as you walk over them. We recommend leaving a window open, which will increase drying time to around three-four hours.

Not only do we deliver superb results when cleaning rugs in Ealing W5, but we also strive to provide the highest possible standards of cleaning protocols customer service – on every job we are called to perform! Don't just take our word for it, though – you can see what past customers have been saying about us, over on our reviews page.

Contact us now – on 020 3404 5609. Our lines are open 24/7, and our knowledgeable staff will be able to provide an answer to any questions you have about our rug cleaning services in Ealing W5, or provide you with a personalised quote. Dont forget to compare our prices and to get a free quote online by filling out the form on this page.

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Professionalism and thoroughly cleaned rugs is what you can expect from our excellent cleaners.

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