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‘I would like to share my experience. The team arrived just in time, maybe even a few minutes earlier. They did a thorough inspection and cleaned the hard floor at my bedroom and guestroom. I am really glad of their attitude and skills. Brilliant!’
Sarrah S.

‘Quite a resourceful cleaning experts. I really enjoyed my settee in the end. Of course, I prefer to have a better air conditioning so that the smell could be gone faster. Either way, I will book again. Thank you and have a nice day.’

‘I am really glad that I’ve booked Harvey’s Cleaning Company. Great work. The price is very good, for both my laminate and upholstery. There was a kind of discount, but I don’t remember right now. Thank you! See you soon.’

‘On the behalf of me and my family, I would like to thank your team. True professionals. We’ve just moved in Mount Park Rd. Our house was a mess. My wife had to throw away almost the entire living room and most of the carpets. Nevertheless, the smell was a real bump. Lucy (my younger daughter) even stayed with her grandma for a few days. Your team have done the impossible! They saved us, literally. Brilliant! It was kind of expensive, but I guess the final results are more than satisfying. Thank you!’

‘We have used your services before. The last time I was quite amazed at all your stuff and solutions. Now, unfortunately, not so much. My wife expected a better discount. The end results were OK. Cheers.’

‘I’ve waited for more than an hour. That was not the problem. After that, the team told me that it was inevitable. What? I mean, they could have just contacted me. I had a serious problem at work, a few hours later. I am not satisfied!’

‘I literally cannot believe that. The old Persian Rug a gift from my mother is now a like a brand new. I thought it was destroyed by the dust. It was a dark red one going brown in the corners. When I unrolled it I almost started to cry. But your cleaners just did what they had to do. I am very pleased. Thank you! I will recommend you to my sister-in-law for sure. Now I can invite my friends for a coffee.’

‘Despite the 20 minutes delay I have to say that I am pleased. Friendly staff, always ready to help. Cheers.’

‘A friend of mine told me about your company. I honestly didn’t know whom I can trust after the last cleaning. One of my two-seater sofas was so damaged that I have to throw it away. Despite that, I’ve decided to trust the old lady and call you. What a nice surprise! Thorough cleaning. All of dust and spills are now gone for good. Thank you!’

‘I’ve just wanted a fast and cheap cleaning deal. In reality, the things didn’t go so fast either cheap. Whatever. At least I was happy with the treatment.’